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Dr. Dan & Dr. Michele,
I highly recommend Dr. Dan to anyone as everyone can benefit from Chiropractic. Drs. Dan and Michele are the best. From day 1 they treat you as a VIP. You leave there feeling great both mentally and of course physically.

Andrea E.
Elk Grove Village, IL

Dr. Dan & Dr. Michele,
I have had panic and anxiety attacks on and off for the past 10 years. This mental illness made me isolated from life. I uesd medication for my mental illness. Since I have begun Chiropractic Care, I have not had to take medication for my illness with the panic attacks and anxiety. I have also had a better range of motion and flexibility. The Dr. Vanfossens are very caring and concerned people with me, and my illness. Thank you.

Dr. Dan & Dr. Michele,
Before I started Chiropractic care, I've had headaches and severe pain radiating down my left arm. I was "eating" 1200 + milligrams of Ibuprofen a day for several months not knowing what I was doing to my liver, stomach, spleen and other organs in my body. The pain and headaches persisted. After your care and treatment, not only has the pain and headaches gone away, but I don't remember the last time I had a cold and my energy level is through the roof!
Thank you for your care, expertise, and educating me about Chiropractic!

Joe Russo

Dr. Dan & Dr. Michele,
For years I have been experiencing back pain. I have also experienced foot and leg pain since having bone spurs last spring. At its worst, I could hardly walk and had trouble getting out of chairs. I tried using cortisone injections in my foot however it left my foot stiff. Since beginning chiropractic care, I can walk normally, my foot bends and my back pain is almost gone. I am happy to be able to take walks again. I am pleased with the friendly service I have received at your office.

Thank you.
Barbara P.

Dr. Dan & Dr. Michele,
Our daughter Leah, along with the rest of our family, has been a patient of Dr. Dan's and Michele's for 4 months now. We had received a copy of Dr. Dan's "Confession" in the mail and read about his work with babies, and how they may be affected during birth. His letter also mentioned that spinal misalignments may be responsible for asthma and allergies, amongst other maladies. Two of our three children (Joshua and Leah) have been affected with food allergies (as well as bad asthma for Joshua). We noted that they both had somewhat difficult deliveries, while our middle child, Hannah, was birthed without any hang-up.

Leah was born at home with the assistance of a nurse midwife. During delivery, her shoulder was obstructed in the birth canal and thus the midwife folded the shoulder in to bypass the obstructing bone. We suspect that this minor difficulty in her birth led to her first subluxation.

Leah had been having reactions to dairy products, eggs, and corn. She began treatment with Dr. Dan when she was 9 months, and, after 2 months of bi-weekly to weekly adjustments, we tried various foods with her that had given her reactions in the past. Praise be to God! She can eat all the products that affected her before.

Thanks to God our Father and Jesus Christ, and to Dr. Dan and Michele for the work They performed through your hands!

Brian and Samantha Hoeck
Elk Grove Village

Dr. Dan VanFossen
I want to tell You how Great thou are. No Doctor has helped me as much as You have. You are also are a good listener. I am going to think of You as the People Listener. I am going to Chill Out at this time looking at Surgery. I am looking for a miracle after getting three procedures of Depo Midrol Steroids injections. The miracle I am seeking is that all of a sudden my back pain will disappear.

You and I go back to the year 2002. My review indicates that I first came to You for my hands. An Orthopedic Surgeon said I had Carpel Tunnel. I told him that surgery was out of the question. You helped my hands.

It was my mistake in coming to see You for my back x-rays. Let me close by saying what a good Doctor You are. I am wishing You and Yours the very best of health.

Very Truly Yours,
Tony Casica
April 23, 2005

Dear Dr. Dan,
I don't know how to thank you for all your help. I really appreciate all the nice things you did for me espically getting me to go to the hospital and staying with me.
I am so happy I know you and if I ever have a problem I will go to you. You also gave me the courage of not being afraid.

"Happy New Year to you and your family."

I am doing great, up and around, and mostly on my own, thanks to you.

Audrey Christensen
January 6th

Chiropractic Success Story

Reason for Beginning Chiropractic Care: Constant lower back pain
How Long Were You Experiencing These Problems: 2-3 months
What Was It Like At Its Worst And How Did It Affect Your Life: I could not bend over or sleep very well. It was even hard to tie my shoes.
What Else Did You Try And With What Results: Tried to heat and relax muscles with no results.
What Progress Have You Made Since Beginning Chiropractic Care: I feel great! I can sit and bend with ease and I have gotten more sleep.
What Side Benefits Have You Experienced And How Has This Affected Your Life: My back feels so much better. I can exercise more and even shovel out my 2 car driveway. I just feel so much healthier.
I Was Referred To This Office By: Insurance Company
Additional Comments Abour Our Office And The Care You Have Received: Dr Dan, Dr. Michele, and Katrina Have been so wonderfull and friendly. They make you feel like your part of a big family.

Paul Kobos